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Feb 23, 2015
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:kiwi-fruit: Dear all, As im fairly new to and winforms im asking your expertise with a topic thats giving me a severe headage for the last 3 weeks.

I have build an application where to store new companies that will have projects and in these projects a lot of data is generated such as images, location data etc etc for which have created several seperate forms. For now everthing is ok.
All the forms are storing data including a autoincrement primairykey to the different tables within the database.

Now what i don't understand is how, by example, when i upload an image to the "image' database how i can link this image to the selected project in the project form. This issue is with all the forms that im not able to update or delete data corresponding to a selected company or project. What happens now is that the autoincrement from one form runs out in line with all the other forms when editing one or the other. To be clear how do i link projectID primairy key to all the other forms so that i can delete or add data but that everything stays linked to each other so that when i open a companie form all data in the other forms show the corresponding data related to that companie

Thanks in advance your help would be greatly appreciated

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