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Jul 22, 2008
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Asynchronous data parsing sockets server, server will act as a client to a server source and allowed incoming connection.

Communication Example:
  1. Server will connect permanently as a client to a Main Source Server.
  2. One client connection will connect to the Server with a permanent connection.
  3. Main Source Server will send data to the Server.
  4. Server will parse incoming pipe data string and convert to tab delimited data and send it to the client.
  5. Client will send response to server.
  6. Server will parse and send it to Main Source Server.
  1. Using latest Microsoft .Net Core 2.
  2. Pure asynchronous data connection.
  3. Initialization
    1. Server will act as a client, connect to a server.
    2. Server will wait for incoming connection.
  4. Initialization File
    1. Only allow incoming client connection.
    2. Only allow to a Main Source Server connection.
  5. Reconnect: Server must be able to reconnect to Main Source Server if (1) a test data is sent and no response is get or (2) connection is idle.
  6. Screen Log
    1. Main Source Server
      1. Incoming
        1. Number of messages
      2. Outgoing
        1. Number of messages
    2. Client
      1. Incoming
        1. Number of messages
      2. Outgoing
        1. Number of messages
  7. Logging - Daily File with Timestamp rolling every 30 days:
    1. Client Connection
      1. Incoming
      2. Outgoing
    2. Server
      1. Before Parsing
      2. After Parsing
    3. Main Source Server
      1. Incoming
      2. Outgoing
    4. Other:
      1. Reconnect
      2. Errors
  8. Allowed Libraries
    1. NLog (NLog)
    2. Microsoft .Net Core 2
    3. DotNetty (Azure/DotNetty)
  9. Code must be heavily commented.

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