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Jul 5, 2005
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I am trying to launch my windows application ( a wizard I have created) from a url. I use the code:
dim launchApp as system.reflection.assembly = Assembly.loadfrom(http://localhost/clientTool/ClientInstallationTool/ClientInstallationTool.exe). I am calling this from a main procedure i have created in a seperate class which has a reference to the my windows application and is used to start the wizard. I know I want to create an instance of this application but I am unsure of what to use in the parameters.
dim wizardForm as Form = launchApp.createInstance("something here", true)
Can somebody please point me in the right direction as to what you put in the "something here" part. If anyone knows of any articles that explains assembly.loadFrom() and createInstance can they please provide me with some links. I am fairly new to programming, so the simpler the articles and explanations, the better.
When i use the code:
dim wf as new ClientInstallationTool3.wizardForm
I have no troubles, but I have been told I have to try and launch my wizard using Assembly.LoadFrom("some URL Path")
Thanks in advance for any help!!!
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