Anyone can help me please ????


Aug 31, 2004
Programming Experience
i'm a beginner ,i'm looking 4 a complete Project to help me 4 studing such as a reservation system or library....please i need a good help.
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We do not know if you are a beginner programmer, or a beginner .net programmer. Without knowledge of your background, it is difficult to find something suitable for you. As a starter, you could look up code libraries and study the ones you like.

Forums are great for specific questions, or for learning by browsing. People who are most likely to give good answers give specific and quick answers to specific questions. If they like to write long answers (like what I am doing), they end up writing novels for a living.

Unless I am wrong, there is no one here who would be ready to give you continuous attention and personalized learning. You have to do some leg work too!

Welcome to the forum, and keep on posting (specific) questions.

Happy programming.
thank u mathpath 4 your nice msg , i'll promise 2 take your good advise , but i completed track without ability to do a complete's my hope to do that.