Advice needed for specific SQL Server infrastructure.


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Oct 18, 2011
Montreal, QC, CA
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I have currently a cluster of 45 automated testing virtual machines. Each of these machines need to have access to a private set of SQL databases. Right now each VM has an instance of SQL Server Express running on it, but lately the performance has become abysmal. SQL Server 2012 is much much worse than 2008, and timeouts have been common for a few weeks. I want to get the SQL instances out of those VMs, but I am not sure how I could set it up as a standalone server. The main problem I have is that the 45 machines all need to access a personal version of a TestDB database. The database is named the same for every VM, and there is no easy way of changing this (short of reviewing about 500 unit tests individually...) What would seem is needed is a standalone SQL server with 45 instances running on it, but this doesn't seem like a very efficient thing to do.

What is the usual way of dealing with this kind of problem? Is the 45 instance approach the most logical one? The databases are pretty small (no more than 100MB each), and I have an I7-860 with 8GB RAM available to host them.

I would like to hear suggestions about how to deal with this kind of thing, where each client needs to access an isolated set of databases, and where multiple databases can share the same name.
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