Active Up revamps their popular .Net email component suite


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Oct 20, 2006
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Active Up revamps their popular .Net email component suite
New version addsSSL, S/MIME & OpenPGP support

Belgium (April 2007): Active Up today released the latest version of their .NET email component suite, ActiveUp.MailSystem. ActiveUp.MailSystem is the (r)evolution of the popular ActiveMail product

ActiveUp.MailSystem is a powerful suite of .NET components that provide users with an extensive set of email tools and features. ActiveUp.MailSystem provides full support for SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and NNTP. It also provides extended support for MIME and S/MIME, OpenPGP, vCard and vCalendar, and Mail Merging. ActiveUp.MailSystem also provides unique anti-spam features such as DomainKeys, RBL Block List servers and Learning Bayesian Filter.

What's new?
SSL support (secure communications) - Securing your communications is now as easy as using the ConnectSsl() method instead of the standard Connect().
S/MIME & OpenPGP support (encryption/decryption and signing of emails) - Attached and detached mail signing is supported which makes it possible to send and receive signed emails with little programming effort.
Asynchronous operations - Quickly and easily use non blocking methods in your application.
Anti-Spam features - Built-in support for major block list servers including spamhaus, DomainKeys and Bayesian filter. You can provide the same world-class Spam protection that is offered by leading web based mail system such as Gmail and Yahoo.
Groupware (vCard & vCalendar) support - Fully PDI-enable your email applications. Our Personal Data Interchange module uses the same technology that is found in Outlook and other world-class email clients and contact management/scheduling systems.

Pricing and Availability
A fully functional 30-day evaluation copy is available from
ActiveUp.MailSystem is priced at $499 per single developer license

Active Up SPRL is a rapidly growing software company based in Belgium. Founded in 2000, Active Up SPRL provides high-quality products for both ASP.NET and Windows Application developers. Active Up has many years experience in the development of Internet applications of all types. This experience has allowed us to push back the boundaries ever further, and it is with this aim in mind that Active Up is developing a whole range of products for creating Web applications.

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