xpdl designer

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    Web based XPDL Designer & support for MySQL & PostgreSQL databases

    What’s new in this release? The latest version release 3.0.0 of Aspose.Workflow for .NET allows editing XPDL packages using a web based XPDL designer. However the previous version 2.1.0 has already announced the support for configuring workflow applications with MySQL and PostgreSQL databases...
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    Create or Manage XPDL 1.0 & 2.1 packages using Aspose.Workflow

    What’s new in this release? This mega release of Aspose.Workflow for .NET v2.0 announces full support of XPDL 2.1. Now users can easily create new XPDL (1.0 or 2.1) packages as well as manage existing XPDL (1.0 or 2.1) packages using new XPDL Designer provided by Aspose.Workflow. More about...
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