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    Question Cannot fix deserialization error

    I have a class instance that I want to serialize, upload to SkyDrive, download from SkyDrive, and then deserialize. I have the serialization, uploading, and downloading working fine, but the deserialization gives me the following error: There is an error in XML document (2, 2). The generated...
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    Question Cannot Deserialize using XmlSerializer

    I have the following code that serializes an object: Dim stream As New MemoryStream() Dim xml As New XmlSerializer(GetType(SyncData)) xml.Serialize(stream, New SyncData(CType(Application.Current, App).Recipients, CType(Application.Current, App).Gifts)) However, when I later attempt to check...
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    Question Using IgnoreDataMemberAttribute for array types in a DataContract

    I have a class that I need to serialize using XmlSerializer. The class is declared as follows: <DataContract()> Public Class Recipient <DataMember()> Public Property ID() As Byte <DataMember()> Public Property Name() As String <IgnoreDataMember()> Public ReadOnly Property Gifts() As Gift()...