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    Question Decrypt docum. with x509Certificate2, preset passw. to suppress passw. dialog

    Hi, I want to decrypt an Document with the matching private key under Windows high security conditions. But everytime the CSP asks for the password to grant access. I need to suppress the password dialog and insert the password programmatically. Spoiler: I have installed the X509...
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    Validating X509 certificates for EWS Managed API

    Using the example set out in the MSDN for EWS API I have been trying to validate the server certificate but getting errors. Operator '<>' is not definted for types 'System.Cryptogrpahy.X509Certificates.X509Chain' and 'Microsoft.VisualBasic.VariantType'. Operator '<>' is not definted for types...
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    Question Encrypting a file with X.509 Certificate

    Hi, I created a key and certificate file with OpenSSL (self-signed). How do I encrypt a file using a self-signed certificate using .NET I've read the documentation, but they talk about XML, which seems completely irrelevant to me. I do not want to encrypt an XML element, I want to encrypt text...
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    Help getting x509 certificate properties

    Hi, I'm a pretty obvious newcomer to .net / VB. We have lots of administrative scripts that use CAPICOM to manage our EFS certificates on our corporate workstations. With Windows 7 CAPICOM is no longer supported so I'm trying to make it work with the X509Certificate2 class. We are trying to...