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    Writing from DataGridView to XML

    I can successfully use the code below to import data from an XML file into a DataGridView, but now I need to be able to write the same data back out to XML. Dim xmlDatadoc As XmlDataDocument = New XmlDataDocument() xmlDatadoc.DataSet.ReadXml(OpenFD.FileName) Dim ds As DataSet = New...
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    Question Help with reading and writing excel spreadsheets

    Hey i need a program that will read data from 1 column in an excel spreadsheet and then find a specific character in each record then copy all text before that character into the column next to it. for example if you had an email address like johnsmith@hotmail.com in A1 it would take all the...
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    Write to Resources

    Hello there :) I have made this installation program and everything work just fine, but I wish to improve it a little. Atm. all the files being installed is in a seperate folder, and the installation program simply move them to the right location. - There is a builder program too I would like...
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    Question Replace a letter in a textbox with another letter

    Im making a program in vb.net 2008. You can open txt files and type in a textbox (so far like microsoft word, almost). But the thing is you can save in a diefferent fileending (my own) and I want to cryptonize it, ( not sure thats how you say in english but hope u get it) Like if you type in...