1. L

    Question Need to update the SQL Server with the values FROM txtBOX

    Hello to all, I am Using: SQL Server 2014, VS2015, VB, WIN FORMS. 1. I need to update the SQL Server with the values that are entered into the Textbox. 2. I have a textbox where I enter an Asset Number and I click a Search Button and it populates the Datagridview control with the results. The...
  2. Ace1000

    Bound Form : Going to specific record + Updating data

    I have Visual Studio 2015 Express with SQL Server Express 2014 I am new to .NET but have solid experience with Access/VBA. I have dragged and dropped fields from tblProductDetails in my Datasource tab into Form1 to create bound fields. Now I am struggling with two things. ISSUE #1. Going to...
  3. P

    Question Detecting mouse button down & up events on the system menu of form.

    How do I detect left mouse button down and up events on the 'Close' option of the system menu that appears when the mouse is clicked on the top left corner of a form?
  4. M

    Binding Navigator value

    Hi all, Having created an order viewer with a view to creating invoice reports for the Northwind database, I have encountered an issue. When the Binding Navigator was instantiated, it was automatically set to move through the product list. I wish it to navigate using the OrderID value. Can I...
  5. P

    Question Is disposing a local brush variable necessary?

    MSDN recommends disposing any variable of type System.Drawing.Brush before its last reference is released. Otherwise, the resources it is using will not be freed until the garbage collector calls the Brush object's Finalize method. As we know, local variables are destroyed automatically when...
  6. P

    Question Displaying MdiChild ToolStrip into MdiParent during runtime.

    I have an MDI application containing an MdiParent form and few MdiChild forms. The MdiParent has a fixed MenuStrip, a fixed ToolStrip and a fixed StatusStrip. The MdiChild forms have one or more ToolStrips and a StatusStrip along with other controls in them. The ToolStrips and the StatusStrip of...
  7. E

    make a system logs or system history?

    how to make a something like system logs or system history, i want to track whats happening on my system whenever my user add,update,delete a data., i already done this using manual coding declaring all i need and so on but now i want use bindingsource and yes i dont know to start., i need your...
  8. Darren Shafer

    Question winforms app developed on 32 bit trying to move to 64 bit machine

    I am working on a winforms application that compiles against the 2.0 framework. My issue is that I am running Windows 7 32 bit machine and my app works fine but when the code is copied over to a Windows 7 64 bit machine some of the controls on the form are strangely disabled. In Project...
  9. W

    Question detail view : comboBox value is not getting into the dataset before update

    The dataset is missing the JobSiteID(required field) but it exists in the Winforms combobox. The following code fails to get thecombobox.SelectedValue into the dataset. Private Sub EstimatingSheetBindingNavigatorSaveItem_Click(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles...
  10. P

    Question Elements of a toolstrip witin an usercontrol get deleted when copying/pasting it.

    I have an usercontrol that contains a toolstrip. The toolstrip is exposed through the usercontrol by a readonly property 'HostStrip' with DesignerSerializationVisibility.Content attribute. In this way we can handle the toolstrip and its contents from the usercontrol. While using the usercontrol...
  11. V

    Question Problem displaying Use rControls on navigating from Login Form

    I have 2 forms in the application... frmLogin and frmMain. After login succeeds I m instantiating frmMain and calling frmMain.ShowDialog(Me) and hiding frmLogin. If I set frmMain as the startup form and run it directly, Im able to see all the user controls.... However, if i start from...
  12. P

    Question Problem in creating numeric textbox (.Net 4.0).

    Hi, I'm trying to create my own numeric textbox that will handle decimal as well as whole number values. The concept is, unlike the regular textbox, this one will accept a value of 'Double' data type and show it with proper formatting e.g. Leading Digits, Digit Grouping etc. When the textbox...
  13. P

    Question Detecting X button click of a window in winforms.

    How can I detect the click event of the close (X) button at the top right corner of the control box of a form/window? Please note, I don't want to know about CloseReason, FormClosing, FormClosed or stuffs like these, unless they are inevitable. I exactly want to detect if the user clicked the X...
  14. P

    Question Changing default value of a property of a control (DataGridView).

    I am inheriting my own datagridview (say MyDataGridView) from the standard datagridview control. What I want is that certain properties of MyDataGridView should have a different default value than what its base have. For example, AllowUserToAddRows, AllowUserToDeleteRows, AllowUserToResizeRows...
  15. N

    Question .Net Remoting 2.0 Accessing winform control value in a remote call

    Hi All, I have a winform app in VS - 2008, It is client server based application using .net remoting 2.0. On My server I have a Method which would be called from client. Now in this method, I want to update value of Datagrid in one of my winform. Here I am getting an error: "An error...
  16. E

    Update Data from data set and table adapter

    I have a windows form program that pulls data from a sql server. That same data is being read from a ASP.NET website that sets properties for the site. The SQL server has 3 tables: tblWebPage, tblObjects, tblProperties. and 6 views for the 6 web page: vWebPage01, vWebPage02, vWebPage03..ect...
  17. M

    Question Connecting multiple clients to single DB

    Hi, I've written a small auction app and I'd like to know the best way to connect several instances of the auction app to a single DB on the 'main' machine. All clients will have .NET 3.5 installed, XP or Vista OS, and a local version of my Winform application. I'd prefer not to have to...
  18. Perpetuum Software Team

    .Net ModelKit Suite 3.9 solves the problem of visually appealing BI apps design.

    Perpetuum Software announces the release of a new version of .Net components package intended for the creation of functional and efficient management systems for all aspects of company business: reporting systems, OLAP analysis, data processing and visualization. A new version of the .Net...
  19. kkemerait

    Configuration best practice?

    I will be deploying a windows forms based application from a network share which needs to have several things setup before being able to function ... namely Active Directory information, database location and the administrative group name (AD). What is the best way to do this, so that each...
  20. J

    Advanced WinForms Controls

    Powerful features, Office 2007 Style and great performance. You can get a free trial version at:
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