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    Question Read Time & Seconds From JSON file and Send Mail

    Hi, I a going to develop a new Windows service which will continuously run and read data from JSOn File and send mail. JSON file contains 2 array with Different time [Below is the Sample JSON]. NextRuntime parameter is when the particular section of JSON file to be Execute at defined...
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    Background update

    i'm working on some sort of inventory program. It's very simple but i'm having some problems. It actually has 3 parts. 1.service that will be installed on all workstations that is set to run every few hours. This service starts an exe stored on the workstation. 2.This exe checks if there are...
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    Question Get keyboard keyPress

    Hi, I am working on a windows service application that required to get the barcode reader characters and saving the value in database, I have tried some methods like this one: Processing Global Mouse and Keyboard Hooks in C# - CodeProject But they not working in the windows service app, does...
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    Service problem with Word

    Hi, The service converts htm files to PDF, using Word to create a prn file. The prn file is printed to a file printer using ghostscript. If the service runs under local system account, it's impossible for the code to access the properties of the word document (e.g. changing margins of the...
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    various question starting with Windows services

    Hello All, I'm in need to create a windows service that accesses an URL at given intervals, while easy to do as a desktop application, I'm struggling to turn it into a windows service. I've removed all user interaction, and need to load an XML file onStart() of the windows service and when the...
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    Question faxcomexlib, windows service, faxing... invalid printer name error?

    I have created a windows service to handle my the fax queue in my application. 1) By use of a timer, the service will query the database for any new faxes to be sent 2) A call to SSRS creates the fax and saves it locally as a TIFF file. 3) Then with the use of faxcomexlib, I open a connection to...
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    Question windows service check db?

    I am adding a new record in my sql server database table. Once a new record is added to my database table i need to create a windows service to check if a new record is added to the table. If it is done, then it should pop-up with a messagebox stating "New Record added". How to achieve this? I...
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    Accessing network folder using windows service

    Hi guys we are developing a small utility for synchronizing a network folder where, as domain admins we have the full privileges, with a local folder in another computer. We had written a service to do this job and found that when the service starts the error returned is "Access denied". This...