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  1. M

    Question How do I set label to be exactly 4 inches in length? + Need help with project.

    Hi everyone, I'm new the forums and new to visual studios. :welcoming: The question I posed in the title is actually one small part to a bigger specifications list I need to do for a project. So here is the project. I just need a push in the right direction. Okay so here is what I need to do...
  2. P

    Question Control not working in a new child form as expected

    I am using the below code to open a new form: Private Sub Button2_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button2.Click Dim NewMDIChild As New mdgeneral 'Set the Parent Form of the Child window. NewMDIChild.MdiParent = Me 'Display the new form...
  3. B

    Question crystal report

    how can i create a report where users can select data to be printed?thanks
  4. X

    Question Retrieving the value from database and selecting the combobox

    Hi, I am working on a small concept but since i am a novice in .net i am not getting the concept. I have 2 controls on the page. 1st is Text Box: User enters the int value and that value is checked from database. In database there are 3 fields. One for ID, second for int value and 3rd for...
  5. D

    Question How to bring an already running application in front?

    I am developing an application having multiple screens appearing one after another using My requirement is to bring some screens (windows form) in front of the user to take input and some of the forms can work in background (behind other applications) as they are only progress showing...
  6. C

    Question How to use Print Form Power to print a Windows Form from console?

    Hi I'm trying to print a Form that I created using a VB.Net console application. My console application creates an instance of a Windows Form and fills it with data. I then created an instance of the Print Form class from the Microsoft Power Pack and am trying to get the form I filled with data...
  7. Y

    Question Adding a visible drag handle for splitcontainer in windows form

    Hi Can anyone help on how to place a visible image in the splitcontainer so it would be obvious for users to see that the area is movable. Like the split container in SplitContainer Class (System.Windows.Forms) which has the gray with '...' Thanks a lot. Yuan
  8. fghaegele

    Using Visual Basic Studio 2008 with ASP.NET

    Hello evreyone. I am fairly new to the ASP.Net environment, so I have a very simple and general question I think anyone here can answer: How do I run windows forms compliled via Visual Basic Studio 2008 on, say, a website? Is this even possible, or do I have to learn the in's and out's of...
  9. N

    Question Execute a web/unit test from a windows form application

    I have created an automated web test that will provide me the capability of automatically entering data into a web site and verify that it was done correctly. I created it as a web/unit test so i could use an API that would allow me to interact with the site at the object level. What i want to...