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    Question membership and assigning users to role (multilevel)

    Dear friends, I have been using visual studio 2010 and my language is vb (windows application) , I want to create membership system to define roles and assign users to them , can anyone help me how to handle it ? as far as I know from web based applications, we can use session to manage...
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    Help about Treeview Control

    How can I Collect all the Checked Child Nodes Name From a TreeView Control Using VB.NET Windows Applications. Thanks In Advanced. Popel
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    Input from keyboard is slow in editable browser in windows application

    hi i m facing a problem in a window application we have made an HTML editor using web browser control in .net 2.0 framework when u use it in small application typing speed is excellent but when we use the same control in big application it creates user to stuck while typing in the editor and...
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