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    Question Display Random numbers

    I have 8 buttons it should display each button with any value from 1 to 8 After selecting any one button again the button should display random value from 1 ot 8. Help me in this regards Thank you.
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    Question How databinding between 2 combobox from database

    i use VB.NET Visual studio 2008. i have 2 combobox is cbSection and cbTeam. i need databinding between 2 combobox. when i'm select data from cbSection will be show to cbTeam. Ex. cbSection Size Color cbTeam -When Select "Color" Red Blue Green...
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    Question Publish Access database based application using VB2010

    i want to publish access database based application using visual basic.. the thing is i do not want my database to be appeared in the installation folder so that user/client wont have access to it... It is for window application.. TQ
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    Question how to check whether the record already existed in ms-access database

    when a save button clicked, the username textbox is added to the database otherwise if the username already existed then a message appeared to tell user it is already taken.. any example please..tq
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