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    Question httpWebRequest & proxy problem

    Hi, I am using httpWebRequest to read the content of a url through a proxy server. Since I didn't want to configure the proxy in my application I read whatever I had in the IE, but it seems to take forever to actually read the url (less than 1kb). Here is the code that I am using. Is there...
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    Pausing and Resuming Download

    Hi, I created a downloader which works pretty fine. I would like to implement the possibility to pause and resume the download. How can I do that? I have been looking around and found that it is possible to do with webrequest add range. I just can't figure out how to deal with with. I checked...
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    EasyHTTP - trying to work out GETting.

    I'm a sysadmin trying to write a utility to automatically download and install the appropriate and current drivers from the Dell website. I'm just getting started and at the moment I'm working on trying to figure out how to submit the correct URI to their site. I've identified the...