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    Question Trouble with the <profile> element's inherits attribute

    I have an ASP.NET Web Application in which I want to use profiles. In my Web.config file, I have the following: <profile enabled="true" inherits="mckeepottery_com.MPProfile" defaultProvider="McKeePotteryProfileProvider"> And I have a file in my application (which is named mckeepottery_com)...
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    Question how to stop leaching

    hello plz explan the my bigest problem solution how to stop leaching my Flv format file in my site through web.config file plz help me. thanks in advnced
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    Question Web Application "Sub-Projects," VS 2005 External web.config reference?

    Pardon if I'm a little vague here, but the programs I am developing are for internal use and I can't get into any specific detail about what they are or what they do. First a little background: We have a web project which is considered the "root" application, that is, it is deployed at the...