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    Question Requirements for a Web Application Development Project

    Please accept my humble apologies if this isn't the right place for this question. Would you be so kind as to advise me as to what components I would need in order to develop a web based MySql database driven application using Visual Studio 2015. I'm used to developing non-web based applications...
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    Question General Information about accessing Data

    I've been working with vb.net for over a year and I've found solutions for everthing in the forums. Now I need to access my Project solutions from a mobile phone or from a PC. And the simplest idea I've figured out is the make a web-page so I can update the results via ftp. Now the questions...
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    Available .NET developers are available for immediate hire (ASP.NET, C#, Win8 etc.) !

    Our .NET developers have a profound experience in: - Custom .NET web-based solutions development (ASP.NET) - Custom .NET desktop applications development - Mobile applications development (based on .NET compact framework) - NEW!!! Win8 development Contact me at e-mail [Nadya.Klim] or in Skype...
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    Answered Copying an entire directory to an FTP server

    Hi,Does anyone here know of a way to copy an entire directory (with sub-folders and files) to an FTP server? The WebClient and FTPWebRequest classes didn't seem to work, is there another way or am I missing something?Thanks-Josh
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    Question Coldfusion Web Services

    Hi to all, I am pretty desperate: I have a simple Adobe Coldfusion 8.0 WEB SERVICE, which simply returns a string "helloworld!" to my client. Invoking it from PHP, Java, etc. is success! :) But when I try to add it as a web service reference to my Vb.NET2010 project... The proxy classes created...
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    Access Websites and manipulate data

    Basically i want to know how to access a particular website from my application. I have used System.Net Namespace to request HTML from a website, It returns a complete HTML code which is used by Browsers to render the content on the screen but what i want is to interact with the website only...
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    Question Geting date from website with login to own software

    Hai i own a service center for which i m devaloping a software for which company log the calls in site where we have to login and check for new calls and if any part is needed we have log for that case in that site only now i want to integreat that with my software so that i can update and...
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    First .NET database that targets Web & Web 2.0 is released

    The first release of Eloquera, the fusion database, is out. Eloquera's architecture and technology specifically targets at the Web developer. It provides the desired objectives of speedier development and maintenance. At the same time, it provides the seemingly contradictory benefit of...
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    Question Windows Application on web

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post here! And I am not very much sure whether I have chosen the correct Sub-Group. I have a problem for which I am seeking a solution. I have a Windows Application which is collecting large chunks of live data for a few seconds and then continuously purging old...
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    .NET 2.0 Medium Trust Security Level supported by Aspose.Grid

    What's New? In this major release, Aspose.Grid for .NET supports the following features. - GridWeb is now compiled under both 1.0 and 2.0 frameworks. - Fully supports .NET 2.0 framework. - Supports .NET 2.0 MEDIUM TRUST LEVEL. - Supports .NET 2.0 DataSourceControl Binding. - New Client Api...
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    Web Browser Function

    Hey guys sorry I'm sort of new at this, so I apologise in advance if the thread is in the wrong area of the forum or if the problem I am having is actually very simple, but all the same I do need help. Basically I am creating a form in VB.NET Version 3.5 , with the web browser function, and I...