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    Databindig issue, I think

    So, here's the scenario: I have a web form application that is basically data entry forms that are entered into a SQL database. The issue I am having is the editing of these forms. If a submitted form is retrieved from the database, some records cause an error upon loading the data, always in...
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    Question Converting windows application to web based

    I have developed a windows application. The application is basically a console that helps the user to launch multiple 3rd partly applications e.g. MS word.exe, MSExcel.exe, Windows calculator etc. The application is currently running fine as windows application. Generally launches...
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    Talentscan for VB .NET Devolopers

    We are an ambitious, growing Multinational Web and Mobile services development firm headquartered in Canada. We have completed 18 months of operations, developing WebApps on LAMP and MS/.NET stacks for clients from all over the world. We are now seeking to expand our workforce with highy...