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  1. updatesvc

    Question Send Mouse Events to form control with Coordinates.

    I am in midst of coding a webbrowser automation tool. I am using the Awesomium Web Control for WinForms in VB.Net. I have the inputs mouse_X and mouse_Y 'relative to the webcontol Left And Top I need help to basically send mouse events to the Webcontrol. I have managed to do this when the...
  2. B

    Making a textbox glow?

    Is it possible to make a text box glow in any way? If not what is something similar that I can do in replacement instead of a glowing effect. And now for more details; I am making a doctor who themed browser and I have a textbox that I want to glow(A golden color) when I refresh the browser. I...
  3. B

    Having one button set for refresh and stop

    I am making a web browser in visual basic and I am having a bit of trouble finding out how to make a single button do these two things. Now for more information I am working on a web browser and I plan to have a single button set so that the first time I click it it will refresh the...
  4. aaronmchale

    Question Web Browser New Window In Tab Control WebBrowserNewWindow Error

    I am making a web browser for a Kiosk system that uses a tab control to display web pages, the user can add and remove tabs. When a new tab is created it creates a new web browser using: Dim newbrowser As New WebBrowser In the AddWebTab private sub, which is called when the users adds a tab. I...
  5. J

    Question how to fill web forms and post through web browser?

    i have a form on one of my pages. How do i post the form after filling the data ? : <form action='http://www.mysite.com/login.bml' method='post' class='lj_login_form pkg'> <input type='hidden' name="lj_form_auth"...
  6. L

    Open Mail[Hotmail] w/Webbrowser Control

    Yes, I'm making a program that signs into Hotmail and auto reads all the messages. I just can't figure out how to invoke, click to open the first message. I am using the Webbrowser Control which I know is so flexible if you know what your doing. I do see that the whole inbox is in a table so i...
  7. A

    Question Help with advanced VB9 Web browser

    Okay, I've made a web browser in VB.NET 2008 so people who know it can help me best... Below, I have listed my problems, please help me... I save my own web browser history rather than modifying the Internet Explorer, I used to use a richtextbox but now I want to use a treeview or a list...
  8. J. Scott Elblein

    Question Webbrowser: Is there a way to detect when cursor is in a text box?

    Due to the nature of my app, I require the user to add their login and password to my app, and then I will autofill the matching fields on the web page for them. I would like to send the user a messagebox pointing this out to them if they click in then login or pass fields on the web page, so...
  9. S

    Web Browser Control, block web sites

    I have a windows form that incorporates a web browser control (vb.net, vs2008) where I'm doing some screen scraping, etc. and I'd like to block certain websites that are appearing in advertisements, etc. I've looked online and I haven't found anything that doesn't incorporate mshtml.dll and...
  10. P

    proxy settings for web browser

    I have used web browser control. I want to use different web proxy on each web request. how to set proxy for this. reply me as soon as possible.