1. vodkasoda

    Question Advice on Accessing & Updating my Database

    I have a few projects, relating to the same subject. The programs are written in Excel VBA using Access, VB.net, and even a very old one in GFA Basic !!! I am now going to rewrite all of them in VB.net and incorporate the one Database, using SQL Server Express. The logic and all the problems I...
  2. N

    Emulator & App lock up for no reason

    I am currently working on an app (using VB.NET & Silverlight). The app does several calculations, and they usually work fine. However, on occasion (maybe 1out of 10 times), the app locks up when I click one of the buttons. This happens regardless of whether I am running it using Deploy or Debug...
  3. R

    Resolved Break Points not hitting in VS 2010 Professional

    Guys, I faced a wierd problem this morning. My break points were not working all of a sudden. I tried various solutions provided by people in many posts but could not resolve this issue. I also uninstalled and reinstalled VS 2010 and still the same problem. Finally I gave up but one ray of hope...
  4. S

    Question Calling Powershell Exchange cmdlet in VS2010

    Hello I am trying to run a Powershell script in VS2010 on a 64bit 2008 R2 server with Exchange 2007 Tools installed; and failing miserably :( The code is: Dim res As String Dim runspace As Runspace = RunspaceFactory.CreateRunspace() runspace.Open() Using pipeline As...
  5. M

    Convert CSV to XLS

    I have a form that deals with excel (csv, xls) to convert a CSV file to a XLS file and adjust a few columns. I use the resulting file to upload the data to a msaccess table. The csv file is downloaded from the internet and is the only format available. The problem I have is that there a couple...