1. reedone816

    Question operation timed out

    hi, hope someone can help me... here is my configuration: windows2003, IIS 6 with public ip and domain name, VS 2008 (asp.net/vb.net), using comodo firewall. I have a page where it always return this error: this webpage only return this error when I use different ISP than the web server, when I...
  2. S

    Question Invalid Attempt To Call Metadata When Reader Is Closed

    I get an error " INVALID ATTEMPT TO READ METADATA WHEN READER IS CLOSED" when i run my program. Plz help me solve this problem. Below is my Code. Private Sub cmbstudentid_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles...
  3. J

    Answered selecting text in richtextbox which is underlined

    So how do we do it? Text is like - hello vb dotnet forums !! you guys are the best coderz On a button click i want to first select "vb dotnet forums" and on next click immediately select "are the best" (in a richtextbox control) . Iam not getting any idea as to how to proceed. Any help would...
  4. J

    Question how to fill web forms and post through web browser?

    i have a form on one of my pages. How do i post the form after filling the data ? : <form action='http://www.mysite.com/login.bml' method='post' class='lj_login_form pkg'> <input type='hidden' name="lj_form_auth"...
  5. J

    Question timer tick problem

    i was trying to make a free microsoft word plugin in vb.net. It automatically fills a web form. The main problem with the plugin is that it uses web browser control and once it has filled a form it will need to navigate another form. The form can only be filled once it has completely been...
  6. N

    create two diff app in single project ???

    Hi I need to create two diff app 1.Windows application 2.WPFapplication in a same project. I need to call forms and pages of both app and integrate them ex:(How to call WPF page from a win application) Thanks in advance Naveen...
  7. F

    Question Autocomplete sequence

    We're using the Autocomplete functionality for some textboxes. We populate the AutoCompleteCustomSource with data from a database query using a datareader loop. The data in the query is sorted by 'recently used', the most recently used entries are at the top. Let's say the sequence op the...
  8. K

    Question adding exe file

    hello, I just want to ask how can i add exe file on my project solution? Im using VS2008
  9. M

    http error 500.19 internal server error

    i installed vs2008 on vista home premium .. but whenever i try to run website i gives the following error .. can any bdy help me out .. i need to fix it ...