1. D

    Question How to avoid a program being run twice?

    I have scoured the net to to find a method to stop an application running more than once on WinCE5.0 with CF2 but any solutions seem to involve C#.:( I have checked through the threads and haven't spotted any previous answers to this and would be very grateful if anyone has a simple solution.
  2. E

    make my application run on 64bit windows?

    Hello everyone! I have a problem with my application, i can't make it run in a 64 bit windows server 2003. My App use to communicate to a finger print scanner device which listens to device events and automatically transfers device logs to a database. This app use to run smoothly in a 32bit...
  3. W

    VS2005 ActiveX control mark safe for scripting

    I am trying to develop an ActiveX control for deployment on remote machines. The control gets downloaded OK but does not allow scripts to be run. This is the code for the control: Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices <Guid("08B10D76-780A-481E-B08C-58B26DBC9AE3"), _ ComImport(), _...
  4. Adagio

    Question application freezes after hours

    After several hours my application freezes sometimes (not just during debug, but also on the client machines) Two hours ago I started my application (using debug). My application gathers information from an SQL database all the time (using threads), but this part seems to work just fine even...