vs 2008

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    Question Accessing dll

    Hi, I had an application written using vb 6.0 i converted it into vb.net 3.5 framework. In this application i use to pass a structre by ref to dll which is written in vc ++ (unmanaged code). when i run the program i use to get the following error Attempted to read or write protected memory...
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    Question Windows XP 64-bit and VS 2008 SP1

    Does anyone know of any known issue with installing VS 2008 SP1 on Windows XP 64-bit. After installing VS 2008 SP1 I could no longer logon to my machine (via Active Directory) the only way I was able to logon was with the local Administrator account. I installed the same on Vista 64-bit and I...
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    Question Unable to connect to the remote server

    Hello, I have a web application that connects to a webservice. Usually I can step through the webservice and my start page loads up just fine. But starting a few days ago this was not the case. Now I am getting the message "Unable to connect to the remote server." As an inner exception I get...