visual studio 2005

  1. D

    Question Creating add in buttons in Outlook 2007 using VSTO

    I have 2 VBA macro codes that runs well in Outlook 2007. 1.Search and replace text by clicking a button in Compose Mail Window 2.Search and replace text by clicking a button in Inbox Message Window As of now I have the macros working and I need to create an application file to...
  2. Daniel_Upton

    Question Formatting?

    Hi, I am currently developing an application which generates scientific values and places them into a textbox.. For most of my textboxes this: txtBox1.Text = Format(value1, "0.00") Works perfectly.. But for one of them i need to format the number in this: 1.48 * 10(with a 5 in super script...
  3. E

    make my application run on 64bit windows?

    Hello everyone! I have a problem with my application, i can't make it run in a 64 bit windows server 2003. My App use to communicate to a finger print scanner device which listens to device events and automatically transfers device logs to a database. This app use to run smoothly in a 32bit...
  4. S

    CRM Software

    Hey guys, i am going to be designing a desktop based application (that will be used for Client Relationship Management) using Visual Studio 2005(pro ed) - .NET Framework 2.0 - and MSSQL as the database. Was just wondering if VB.NET is a suitable language to use for this application? Also, which...
  5. S

    Display XML Select Node values in the label

    Hi All, I have a SQL table with XML Data Type (FormXML). Please see the attached picture 1 of the SQL table for your review. The SQL table displays data fields with values: Name: John Mark CodeNum: 88 Data: 3/19/2009 12:00:00 AM FormXML: <FormXML> <DocInfo> <Check>...
  6. J

    Set tab stop in CR text object

    How do I set a tab stop on a text object, VS 2005 crystal reports? The documentation I found for 2003 doesn't seem to be the same. Visual Studio 2008 seems to have a nice tab after paragraph on text formatting of a text box. Did they forget we need tab stops in VS 2005? wanting to format...