1. C

    Question How the XOR works

    I have this code applied into a checkbox: Private Sub CheckBox1_CheckedChanged(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles CheckBox1.CheckedChanged Label.Font = New Font("Microsoft Sans Serif", 16, Label.Font.Style Xor FontStyle.Strikeout) End Sub The result was the label text style...
  2. tonifirnandes

    Question database application with datagridview and binding navigator

    Hello ALL the best programmer, before go to my question today, let me introduce my self : my name is toni firnandes from batam indonesia. Nice to get you all in this forum and hopely you would like to help me solve my problem. I have problem to make application database using sql server...
  3. T

    Question Exception Thrown By Target of Invocation Error (only as stand-alone not in test)

    I have an application that provides the users a list of crystal reports that they can run. I use a datatable, displayed on a datagrid within a form, to show the users descriptive names for the reports, and a check box for each. The users clicks the check box for the report(s) they want to run...
  4. S

    Question Building Distributed Application

    Hi, Any idea how to work with distributed application in that automatically stored data into server? How to configure to ensure the consistency of data being stored. Thanks in advance!
  5. J

    Question Visual Basic.NET with SQL help!

    Hello everyone :) Okay, first off I'm kinda new to programming. Still in the learning phase. :) Started by learning some VB.NET. I've been creating this little program. It's a school/institute managment system kind of a thing. not very cool though. hehe.. Anyways, I'm having a little trouble...
  6. S

    Question Visual Basic: How to print the text from a list box

    i have made a basic program for college which makes a calculation and diplays the information in a listbox, how do i then print that text? :D really appreciate any help
  7. PatelNehal4u

    How to handle ValueMember

    i m using visual basic 2008 and in winform lstCity is the listbox which handle the city names as Displaymember and id as value member, now when i select any city from the lstcity by keypress(enter) i m getting the maximum valuemember everytime so is there any way to retrieve the valuemember of...
  8. S

    Display XML Select Node values in the label

    Hi All, I have a SQL table with XML Data Type (FormXML). Please see the attached picture 1 of the SQL table for your review. The SQL table displays data fields with values: Name: John Mark CodeNum: 88 Data: 3/19/2009 12:00:00 AM FormXML: <FormXML> <DocInfo> <Check>...