visual 2010

  1. D

    Question Querying an Access table using the value selected in a combo

    Dear all, I have started to build the application where I can navigate through a table in Access and bring in three text boxes the ProjectID, ProjectName and ProjectManager. I have also added 4 buttons (MoveNext, MoveBack, MoveFirstRecord and MoveLastRecord) that work.At the moment, when I load...
  2. anggalisdiyanto

    Question Sorting Character on listbox with Quick Sort

    I cannot sort a list of character on listbox. I just can sort a list of integer data type. I need help, here is my code : Dim langkah As Integer = 0 Private nilai2() As Integer Private Sub Quicksort2(ByVal list() As Integer, ByVal min As Integer, ByVal max As Integer) Dim rand...
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