visual basic 2005

  1. A

    Question I have an error when i run the program

    Hi, I have this application which gives me this error when i try to build and run the application. A little understanding on this error will help me find the direction of looking an error. "2012-02-21 16:32:45 , frmShipping:CheckCoverBarcode, 438, Public member 'CoverBarcodeIsValid' on type...
  2. hpbhathiya

    Question SQL nonQuery execution error

    Dim cmd2 As New SqlCommand("INSERT INTO Passengers (FlightNo, TravelDate, FName, LName, Age, Gender, Class, SeatPref, MealPref, SSR, Status) VALUES ('" & flightNo & "','" & dateStr & "','" & fnametxt.Text & "','" & lnametxt.Text & "','" & agetxt.Text & "','" & genderdropdown.Text & "','" &...
  3. A

    Question Compile to Mac

    Hi! I'm Francisco from Argentina... I'm using Windows XP SP3, and Visual Basic 2005... I'm making a SW, and I want to work in Windows and in Mac.... so... 2 questions... 1)If I compile for Windows, will my programme work in XP, Vista and Seven? 2)Is there any way to compile for Mac OS users...