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    Question VB.Net to VBScript

    Is it possible to convert code from vb.net to vbscript? I have, basically, a windows form in vb.net but it is only a dialog box. The dialog box just has a few labels on it, two buttons, and two textboxes. When the user hits "okay" (button) it uses the "System.IO.StreamWriter" to write a text...
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    converting powershell

    Hi guys, I have a problem. I need to convert this PowerShell program to vb.net or VbScript. But i can't find the solution.. Could anyone help me with this? function Remove-EmptyFolders { [CmdletBinding()] param () $delDirs = @() $dirs = Get-ChildItem -Recurse | Where-Object {...
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    Question Equivalent of "obj.PutEx ADS"

    Hello My question concerns a crossover of VBSCRIPT to DotNet, but here goes I have a project in VB.NET concerning users in AD. Basically they are disabled but need to be enabled again. This means clearing the AUTHORIG property. If I was doing it in VBSCRIPT i would simply use obj.PutEx...
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    Senior VB.NET Software Engineer

    I have urgent requirement, for one of my client. If you are comfortable with this requirement, revert back with your updated resume as soon as possible. Title: Senior VB.NET Software Engineer Location: NYC Duration: 3- 6 Months Contract Required Experience: • IT related degree and 10+...