vb.net & sql server

  1. J

    Question How to make proper installer vb.net program

    I am done creating the vb.net program, my problem is how to make it a proper installer that can install to the client-side PC to communicate from the SQL Server.
  2. R

    Question query for getting result ?

    Can anyone help me on this please?? I am trying to make a stock exchange system based on mysql database using vb... So i am stuck on : my sql table : inProduct, OutProduct and Stock... inProduct cells > id,prodName, quantity, units, date OutProcust cells > id,prodName, quantity, units, date...
  3. J

    Question how to connect sql using ini file?

    Hi all how can i connect sql to vb.net using ini file? in other words i need to replace this code with an ini file: dim connectionString as String ="Data Source=localhost;initial Catalog=Test;Integrated Security=true" dim cn as SqlConnection = New SqlConnection(connectionString) any...
  4. vodkasoda

    Question Advice on Accessing & Updating my Database

    I have a few projects, relating to the same subject. The programs are written in Excel VBA using Access, VB.net, and even a very old one in GFA Basic !!! I am now going to rewrite all of them in VB.net and incorporate the one Database, using SQL Server Express. The logic and all the problems I...
  5. Sparrow

    Question XML DataBase filter by date

    Hi, I am working on a sms agent that dumps the message into a sql database and has another agent cheking it and then sending the sms. I have put in a history view and the option to filter it with 2 datetimepicker but it doesn't seem to work. It just displays everything blank if I try to filter...
  6. W

    Question using a field in a database to keep a counter

    hi, im using vb..net 2008 and sql 2008. i have a column in the database to keep a count of the number of times a item is selected in the combo box in my form. how do i update that counter field? thanks
  7. frazzle

    Question Moving from win forms to wpf

    Hi I have developed a data bound win forms application. And I would like to learn more. As a newbie I need advice and link's to helpful site's. I wish to use my existing BAL and DAL and create wpf form's. Thank's In advance
  8. T

    Question How to add the items from the checkedlistbox into the database?

    How do we add the items from the checklistbox into the database? I'm using visual basic 2008 express edition via linq to sql method. I was trying to save the items from the checklistbox into my database but I encountered such an error. I was only able to add one record instead of all the...
  9. L

    Adding images in SQL 2010

    Dear's I have deploy my code in VB.NET in order to select my imges and pass them into an SQL Server and later open them by a WEB page in a web site Well until the point before of writing the image all goes smoothly But when i'm trying to pass the picture to the remote SQL server then i receive...
  10. arvindmewara

    Online Exam

    how to make online exam application using VB.NET & SQL SERVER, Suppose there is a question followed by 4 options, & USER have to select one of them, also there is a time restriction for example ,30 min for 25 question and time should be visibile to user. then after time over he will be not...