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  1. mond007

    Refreshing XML data when returning from (Adding Data) in Form2 back to Display Form1

    Hi I have a simple database of 150 questions whereby Form1 is an Enquiry Screen where a QuestionNo is entered and the answer and its attributes are returned from an XML File for Display. The XML File layout is as follows : QuestionNo (e.g. 2.7) Question Text...
  2. D

    Question Calculator: don't know how to do it

    Hi guys, I'm new here and in VB.NET also, we can say I'm a noob xD I recently started a Calculator and it's working more or less although I have to polish it a bit more. Now, I'm facing a problem and I have no clue how to solve it. I want that the numbers and operators I use, be displayed and...
  3. S

    Problems with Outlook when application which accesses it is running

    We have recently migrated application from VB6.0 to VB.Net. Application accesses the mails from Outlook and displays in the application for reading the attachments or body text. But after migration we are facing problems with the Outlook shared email account (while the application is running)...
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