vb.net 4.5

  1. Runescope

    Question How to do a perspective graph

    So I want to do a perspective graph, but when I google it, all I get is information on how to do 3D. Now, what I call a perspective graph might be known as something else so here is an example of what I call a perspective graph. The distance between 1 and 10 is the same as 10 and 100 and...
  2. M

    Question Change to different SQL Server database

    I have a VB.NET (4.5) project in VS2013. In it I have several DataGridViews populated by a SQL Server 2012 database. The DGV and connection has all been set up with the wizards, so I have BindingSources, DataSets and TableAdapters for the DGVs - no custom coding to populate the DGVs. I need to...