vb.net 3.5

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    Question Accessing outlook (*.msg) file

    Dear all, I have question that I need to access outlook (*.msg) file by using VB.NET. I have no idea. Do you have any web link or sample for my reference? Thank you for your help. Regards, Tommy
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    Question Reflection problem: need help

    When the overriden property ID is passed to the indexer as propertyname="ID" reflection does not recognize it. m_info comes up as nothing. I don't know how to fix it. When i look in the class member viewer the ID property is described as "ID() As Integer" i have tried to pass this as the...
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    Question How to store data

    HI all, I want to store some information of the form in such a way that if the user quit/exit the application it stores the information. When user runs the application next time the information should be available to him. It also involve the restart of the computer. The application is in vb.net...