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  1. Runescope

    Question DataGridView padding still there even though it's set to zero

    Greepings, I've been banging my head on this for a few hours now and I can't seem to figure out a way to get around it. I've got a datagridview setup with lots of empty columns and rows. The user clicks into a cell to fill it with a pattern they've picked. I want the patter to go right to...
  2. S

    Question VB6.0 conversion code gives error in VB.Net 2010

    Hello, i have a decalre statement in vb6.0 Dim mydrvlabel As String * 256 when i declare same thing here it gives error. Can you please tell what is equivalent declaration in vb.net 2010 . Thanks
  3. S

    Question Display Random numbers

    I have 8 buttons it should display each button with any value from 1 to 8 After selecting any one button again the button should display random value from 1 ot 8. Help me in this regards Thank you.
  4. F

    Question Displaying a Save Dialog Box

    I am working in VB.NET using Visual Web Developer Enterprise 2010 on an XP OS. I need to let the user download a file, but there is no reference to any dialog box or common dialog in the toolbox. I get a syntex error if I try to create one on the fly: Dim Open_Dialog As New...
  5. O

    How do I use if statement to check if there is text in string array?

    My shared sub, the strCitationNumbers string array can have a number or 'No match' text. So I would like to add if statement to check what's in the strCitationNumbers. If a number (string) is found in the strCitationNumbers, I want to output an error message saying 'Duplicate case'. How do I...
  6. I

    Not a valid password

    I'm trying to read and Write the datagridview using .accdb files through oledb connection . when i Run the application it Showing error like " Not a valid password " .i check the database test connection in the connection properties..That also shows "Test Connection succeeded ",then why...
  7. I

    How to start read from the specific line in text file

    i want to Start read from a specific line in the text file. ex: text file qwert yuiop asdfg ghjkl zxcvb asmjn ........... going on Now Start to read From zxcvb line .How to Suppose i do in vb.net ???
  8. I

    How to append the first line when text file data reach the last line ?

    i trying to read the text file .So my question is how to append the first line when i reach the last line in the text file ? Ex 1 2 3 . . 10 when i reach the 10 ,automatically read from the 1 . how to suppose i do? please give any idea ....
  9. E

    datagridview and DB Firebird

    Hello everyone. I am developing a Windows Forms application with Visual Studio 2010 and VB.net on the "load" of a form I inserted the following code that takes data from a Firebird DB and I would populate a "datagridview" but I can not: Private Sub Form1_Shown(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e...
  10. O

    How do I check if section and subdivision exist inside object's xml?

    My function is working but not as I expect it to. The problem is that when Section and Subvision are not found in the object aobjXmlGetStatuteRequestNode xml, I get an error NullReference Exception was unhandled by user code. Object reference not set to an instance of an object. For that...
  11. A

    Question Not able to open protected excel file

    Dear all, I am new to vb.net. (using Visual Studio 2010, Win 7, office 2010) i used below code for open the password protected excel file. please help me to correct this code. My code is not giving any error msg. but it is not writing password. (see attached file) Imports Excel =...
  12. R

    loop from A to D

    I have a code that loop from A to D and displays the result in a text box as the loop continues. Dim test(0 To 3) As String test(0) = "A" test(1) = "B" test(2) = "C" test(3) = "D" For i As Int32 = 0 To test.Length - 1 TextBox4.Text = test(i)...
  13. S

    Click on panel and Move mouse Right, then panel follows X axis only?

    Hello everyone. i am working on a application. i need some help figuring out a problem i have with one of the features: i use Visual Basic express 2010 what the feature should do: i have 1 panel in the form that want the user to be able to move the panel along the location.X by now i have...
  14. R

    Question query for getting result ?

    Can anyone help me on this please?? I am trying to make a stock exchange system based on mysql database using vb... So i am stuck on : my sql table : inProduct, OutProduct and Stock... inProduct cells > id,prodName, quantity, units, date OutProcust cells > id,prodName, quantity, units, date...
  15. R

    Trouble adding a DataPoint to a DataPointCollection

    Dim mydatapoint As DataPoint = New DataPoint(1, 1) Dim mydatapointcollection As DataPointCollection = New DataPointCollection(mydatapoint) mydatapointcollection.Add(mydatapoint) Tried this but doesn't work Trying to simply add a DataPoint to a DataPointCollection
  16. A

    Question Text box value getting cleared in postback

    Hi Friends, Here i have one situation, like in my application i have one gridview with in this grid, i have textbox, dropdown list, and label controls. problem : I ll fill the sub commodity value based on the commodity, the commodity values are fetching when the grid data bound...
  17. S

    Question PrintDocument class multiple pages

    Hi, I have a image array, it consists 100 images (50 x 50 image size) i need to print 10 images in 1st page and another 10 images in 2nd page like it going on print up to the ubound(array) i checked like the following For n As Integer = initcount To img.Count - 1...
  18. R

    Question is not allowed here because it does not extend class 'System.Web.UI.Page'

    this is my Income.aspx <%@ Page Language="vb" AutoEventWireup="false" CodeBehind="Income.aspx.vb" Inherits="iplapp.Income" %> <!DOCTYPE html> and here my Income.aspx.vb Namespace iplapp Public Class Income Inherits System.Web.UI.Page...
  19. S

    Question validating input in DataGridView?

    Dear All I am so happy about this web site and its forums, since I get perfect answers to my doubts. Thanks to all and special thanks to Ian who helped me several times. I use VB.NET 2010. Now I have a problem with DataGridView control. I need to add test details of students to the grid...