1. H

    VB .net Terminal Application

    I'm looking for a way to create an app that simulates the linux terminal or that opens a command prompt inside a form but I didn't find anything and I also tried several things that didn't work I'm making an operating system simulator for learning and I wanted to make a terminal app to...
  2. icarus26

    Resolved Picturebox Slideshow

    Hello, I'm very new to VB and I'm trying to create a simple Windows APP that works something like this: it starts with a combobox and whenever an item is chosen, a correspondent listbox will appear, whenever an item is chosen in that listbox1, will appear a listbox2 (it is invisible until both...
  3. V

    Vscript to Vb.net

    Hi, First of all let me start saying I'm on my almost 70s and I am not by any means a programmer, not sure even if id call myself a beginner. So be patient please! Some years ago, I made an script in vbscript which worked fine for the time but i need to migrate it to vb or vb.net and make it...
  4. vicdeveloper

    Question Accesing a Fn Keys

    Hello, I want to know how can I make an option to use F1 or Fn keys when my form loads. I guess that it need to be related with KeyDown or KeyPress Events, but, I dont know how to do it. The things that I want to do with this is, call a form or function when Fn key is pressed. See ya,
  5. C

    Question ComboBox to populate texboxes!

    Hello hope anyone could help me., im just a beginner.. i have this table called Member_Loans and the corresponding fields are "ActgNumber", "LoanType", "LoanAmount" nd so on. a person having two different loans called "appliance loan" and "bonus loan" with same "actgnumber" on same table...
  6. M

    Insert into single column multiple textboxes from WinForm

    Hi all, Maybe You will find a solution - how to save (insert into statement) multiple textboxes in one column in SQL table? Well, what I have is a winform with 20 textboxes (each is for one metric). Table is build like: Team | GSDate | GSGroup | GSMetric | GSValue |...
  7. M

    Question Multi-completion of SQL table with form

    Hi everyone!, I'm trying to create a project, so that I will have the opportunity to refill the table on SQL server. The table is created and it has several columns. I searched the internet, but did not come across to the the solution I'm looking for. Maybe, I will explain first what would my...
  8. M

    Sharing created windows form application

    Hi all, I have created a project. I published it - I have setup file and all application files. The metod used is ClickOne. I've got a problem with sharing it... The thing is that, my application has two parts - 1st is Administator Panel - where he can choose what will be in comboboxes...
  9. M

    Question Add item to Combobox

    Hello! Currently, I'm working on project, where I would like to use two Windows Forms. First one should be Administrator Form and the second one User form. I would like to know, if it's possible to call String Collection Editor for combobox after button1.click_event in first form, and add...
  10. M

    Question file upload to database

    Hello All, I would like to know, if there is a solution for uploading files (probably it will be PowerPoint presentation, but my employees are alloved to put into the database whatever they want - connected with the process) to Access database via VB.net Windows Form. Previously I had a...
  11. J

    Auto Login and Acute accent

    Hi guys I'm having a trouble with creating an Auto-Login(VBNET) this is part of the website source : It works fine : :tears_of_joy: It also works fine ::tears_of_joy: It does not work ::blue: I also tried this : :blue: Followingg the two first I tried this too :blue: Please...
  12. F

    Question PictureBox control and .NEF images

    I've got some RAW images from several Nikon D90 cameras. They come in NEF format (extension), I can open them with Photoshop. If I try to load one in a PictureBox control with .Load() method I receive an ArgumentException. However, Image.fromFile() gives 'out of memory'. How can I display those...