vb.net 2003

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    Question I have an error when i run the program

    Hi, I have this application which gives me this error when i try to build and run the application. A little understanding on this error will help me find the direction of looking an error. "2012-02-21 16:32:45 , frmShipping:CheckCoverBarcode, 438, Public member 'CoverBarcodeIsValid' on type...
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    using .dll in a Class Library

    Hi, this is my first time in the forum, I hope to be clear. I have to create a Class Library in VB.NET 2003 (and not other) using a .dll already existed. I’ve load this .dll in the Reference of my Class Library but I can’t use their objects. Instead, if I create a Windows Form Apllication, I can...
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    Question Print the form?

    Hi im a complete beginner at this and i need to know if i can print the form in vb.net 2003? If you know how to do this please tell me. Thanks.