1. T

    Question Return Bold content of word doc

    Hello to all, It has been a long time since I have posted my last post. I would like to ask for the help, to locate and return the bold content of the text from word file.Text that I would like to return is placed somewhere on the only one page and it is the only text which font is bold. It is a...
  2. L

    Question How to match TextBox values and Text file strings/lines?

    I created this account just to ask this question XD. So, I'm currently working on a school project. The project requires ONLY the use of Visual Basic. So, no MS Access or anything. (Maybe a few.. text files.) The first few forms of my program shows a log-in screen, that uses the "If, Then...
  3. C

    Question Saving Data with DataGRidView

    I am sure someone must have posted an answer on this but I cant find it. Just starting using VB2010 so on a steep learning curve, but finally making the leap from easy VB6 ! I have a project with (currently) 4 forms - all containing a DataGridView populated from MS Access via a DataAdapter /...
  4. evry1falls

    Tip Display photos from Access 2007 database into DataGridView

    This is the 3rd chapter of my new vb.net2010 working with database book, but i wanted to post it here as it covers most wanted points of working with DataGridView control beside working with database. In this chapter i shall discuss these points ...
  5. liuzewei

    Question My first application (loop problem & hint for next feature needed)

    hello community! i am new to VB and i try to create my first application to automate some clicks on a facebook game. (sorry for my bad english, my last lesson in school was in 1995) My first problem is a loop: I created a recorder function, but if i activate my loop it loops endless (should...
  6. U

    2 questions related to listbox and richtextbox

    I'm working on a program in vb2010. A while ago I've created the same program in Delphi 2009, but wanted to use vb 2010 instead, so I try to recreate the same program in vb 2010. Most of the things I was able to solve, but I run into 2 problems. Let me first explain what the program does in a...