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    Question DataTable Export to ExCel with Cell Style

    Hi all I found trouble about datatable export to excel file by using Microsoft.Office.Interop.ExCel Class Library V 12. on worksheet some cell is not format in datatable . Invalid format as below. data in datatable my code Imports...
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    [VB 2008]read,write and use multiline strings to/from a file

    Hi.I need your help with a few things: 1.Read the line by line text from a text file in a dynamic listbox Dim mylist As New ListBox and then read each line from the text file to 'mylist' 2.use some of the items in the dynamic listbox for example let's say that line number 4 is a string...
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    Question linking a note pad , web browser with vb2008

    hi!! i m developing and on screen keyboard as a part of my school project in vb2008 now, i have a notepad opened up or a firefox browser... now i click in the note pad or in address bar of firefox, so that when i press any button, the letter gets typed there... just like the windows on screen...
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    Question pc to pc communication with Server/Client

    I use Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition and I am begginer in computer networks. I want to make two PCs communicate via network using server/client I followed the example from this site: VB.NET TCP Client/Server Socket Commmunications When I run the applications server and client...
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    Question Implementing Database access (MS Access) using VB2008 express

    I am new to VB and downloaded the VB 2008 Express recently. Am following the "Beginning VB2005 databases" book to learn as I go along. I have hit a snag where the book example is initializing a new instance of the data access base class as "Using objData as new WDABase", however the VB 2008...