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    Open form on second monitor

    I have this application (build with vb 2010, .net 4.0) and when I click on the show second screen button, it should open a second form on the second monitor (beamer, or whatever) and when no second monitor available message displayed. But at this moment the second form opens still on the 1...
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    Available Software Developer for software - VB 2010

    Hi, I am in the look out for a developer using visual basic 2010 to help develop software for my company Donkey Ware, we are a very small team of 2 people and me being the only developer , Project is the piece of software you will be co-working on with me, it is a application to help organize...
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    sync 2 windows mediaplayer objects

    Hi there, I'm trying to build a mediaplayer, which should be able to play video's on a beamer (presentation) with vb 2010. For that I made 2 forms, first form is the main form with all the regular function (play, pause, stop, volume, open, etc) and the second form is the "presentation" screen...
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    display video on 2 forms

    I've been trying to create a simple program with vb 2010 to play video's (when you use multiple screens) on the main screen (with controls) and the full screen (with no controls) on the second screen. I get it to work that I can open the second screen and play a video, but the video is only...