vb 2005

  1. A

    Question forms loop

    Hi, in my project I have 4 forms (connected to sql server 2005 database) in which I run heavy sql request so my program loses huge amounts of time when loading the forms especially since I made ​​a loop between the forms using timers. Private Sub Timer1_Tick(ByVal sender As System.Object...
  2. Poornimapriya

    Question How to store the contents of the controls in the notepad on runtime?

    Hi this is Poornima. I am working on my real time project where the configuration details will be given on runtime. Based on the configuration details, the next form will be loaded and the data will be exported to the database and spreadsheets from the pop3 server. I have done the extraction...
  3. E

    Currency Symbol?

    How to show currency symbol(like Rs) in a textbox in VB2005.I have to do currency math and store it in database.Any kind help will be appreciated.