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    Question ComboBox OnDataSourceChanged event takes a long time

    Hello, I'm transferring my code from Outlook VBA to VSTO VB.Net. I'm using a ComboBox on a form, and on those two lines, when preparing the ComboBox from code, it takes too much time, making the form unusable: ComboBox_multi_colonnes_Projet.DataSource = ProjetslisteBindingSource...
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    Question Having Displaymember and Valumember for TextBox

    Can we have a Displaymember and Valuemember property (like combobox) for a TextBox so that if i user types a string value in the textbox, its Text Property will have the string and Value property will have its ID (Primary Key value). Please help! Regards
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    Listbox Items Do Not Refresh

    I am adding an object to a Listbox which has the properties "ID" and "Text". I have set the "DisplayMember" property of the Listbox to "Text" and "ValueMember" to "ID". Everything works fine when I add a new item to the list, but when I edit the item and change the "Text" value, it is changing...