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    Question Checking one procedure before running another.

    Hi everyone, I'm a newbie to Programming so hopefully this will be an easy one ;-) I am completing a Windows form assignment (which is due in 48 hours!) and I basically need the following to occur. I have one procedure that adds together whatever numbers are placed into text boxes (simple...
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    validate Singapore NRIC/FIN number from user input

    To be honest, i am a beginner and I need this for my sch proj. Here is somewhat on how our NRIC is based on. Singapore NRIC. Also not sure if this link is absolutely correct. Anyone have done this validation before? Thanks alot for helping
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    Question ComboBox Validation

    Hello Everyone, I have been searching for an easier way to validate the text property of my combobox. Below is a background of what I am try to accomplish: I have a from that contains many controls, mainly comboboxes that are bound to datatables. I have these set up in such a fashion as to...
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    Question Need help to validate Currency and Numeric using KeyPress

    this is my code in VB.NET 2008 and it works :D as the result, i can input starts from 1.00 until 99.99 :o but i need more than this ;);) i want the textbox automatic validate the input as i typed in the textbox :confused::confused: example: i typed "1000" then the textbox will write "1,000"...
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    Question Gridview validation - almost perfect - but not quite

    Hi This is a vb (2008) asp site. I'm using validators in a gridview control. The columns have been converted to templates and, when editing the data the validation works as expected. However, when the gridview first goes into Edit mode, even if the existing data fails validation, the...
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    comparing/validating gridview values among each other

    I have a gridview(editable). It may have more than 1 row with columns startdate and enddate. StartDate EndDate 4/4/09 6/6/09 (valid-existing row) 1/2/09 3/3/09 (valid-existing row) 7/7/09 9/9/09...
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    Question I need help Validating my textboxes

    Hi, i'm a beginner programmer and I have designed a form with textboxes for numerical entry. I need to validate each textbox so the number entered is an integer, and is between 0-1000. I am struggling to find how to validate the data entry. Thanks :)
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    Question How do I validate text fields in WPF?

    Hello all, I have a very simple form that is being used as a registration form in a touch screen application. I have the following fields: txtFirstname, txtLastname, txtEmail, txtZip, and chkTerms. I need to make sure that these fields are not blank before allowing the user to continue. I have...
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    Call to Validate

    Hi all I've seen lots of snippets in the Save Method of the BindingNavigator control that contains just: Validate() datatable.EndEdit datatable.Update In my winforms app, I did a debug on the call to the Validate() and found it fired the validating event of just one control on the form, not...