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    Question Notify Icon Balloon Tip To Other Windows User

    I am making a User to User chat system. We have a server that a fair few users access remotely from different sites. Because everyone's on the one PC with the same IP I made my program read and write to text files to store the chat logs and receive the messages. (Timer to read text file) So...
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    Question How to logoff multiple users logged on Windows Server

    Hi, I want make a Console Application in VB.NET which will logoff all (but not an Administrator) users connectend to Windows 2003 Server machine via RDP Connection. I wrote an application which is restarting Server machine, but when there're logged in users, Server got suspended. Code of my...
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    Show users ip on textbox1

    Hey im wondering if there is any way to display a users ip in textbox1 when form loads. Thanks :) Im using 2012 which is similar to 2008 and 2010
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