1. A

    Customizable container control

    I am trying to build a custom control (dll) that allows me at design-time to add/remove controls (buttons, toggle buttons, labels, dropdowns, comboboxes, radiobuttons, checkboxes, and custom versions of all of these controls) and edit their attributes/properties using a collection editor. The...
  2. N

    Multiple levels of inheritance with UserControl

    I want to create a control from UserControl, and then have another class or control inherit that. Basically, I want the following: Public Class MyBaseClass : Inherits UserControl Public Class MyControl : Inherits MyBaseClass I am having trouble doing this, but I am not sure what I am missing...
  3. F

    Question convert user control to string

    Looking to add a user control to a sting, something similar to below: Dim fillcontrol As String = "" Dim userc As Control = New Control userc = Me.LoadControl("FILENAME.ascx") fillcontrol.Controls.Add(userc) Is this possible? I tried attaching to a label then use the label.text function...
  4. T

    Question 32-bit UserControl in HTML page does not load on 64-bit workstation

    Hello to all. I need some light on a 64 bit situation. Let me explain. I built a specialized userControl using VB2008 (on XP 32-bit) to embed in HTML (not ASP!) and compiled it, pointing to x86 CPUs. I added the necessary keys to the registry (see attachment) to declare a classId in a HTML...
  5. Y

    can any one online can help my problem ???

    just give me feedback if there you are now :cool::cool: thankyou it's abbout adding the usercontrol that i cant control the position and the location of each usercontrol added added in a panel it's only added straight to one column down but i want is to have more column as much as the width...
  6. tschoepi

    Question Extended shortcuts on usercontrol

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. So, if this question already has been discussed, please give me a hint, where I could find the solution. By the way, I didn't find it by searching the forum. I'm responsible for a usercontrol (a button). It gives our application a common look and feel and...
  7. A

    Question Sub-Controls Copying

    I created a multi-column combo box control that inherits from the standard combo box. The control has a custom property which is a list of column definitions. When I copy an instance of the control, this list of column definitions does not copy correctly. How can I do this? Example: I add...
  8. L

    Digital Number Display

    Hi Friends! Am working on a project like a office automation. The problem am displaying the balance amount using lables.But i want to display the numbers like we see in calculators... One way to do that creating usercontrol which gets input and display the numbers. any...