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  1. P

    UCL Event Handling Problem

    Hi Guys, Just joined so apols if I get this wrong..... I'm building an application that dynamically adds a variable number of a single user control into a panel and this is all working fine. Now, I'm trying to add an event handler to manage a click event for these controls. First off is...
  2. H

    Question Accessing SQLDatasource within User Control from Parent page.

    Okay so I have been sitting on this problem for some time now. Scenario One needs a search control that can be used on a number of different pages of once website. So one builds a User Control. User Control setup. (Child) It has a couple of listboxes, textboxes, a button and...
  3. A

    Question Sub-Controls Copying

    I created a multi-column combo box control that inherits from the standard combo box. The control has a custom property which is a list of column definitions. When I copy an instance of the control, this list of column definitions does not copy correctly. How can I do this? Example: I add...
  4. seinkraft

    Question How to update a textbox on Form from a click on a button on a User Control?

    Hi, I need update the text of a textbox when I do click on a button on a user control. How I can do that?
  5. G

    Access progress bar on main form from thread on user control

    Hi, I ran into a problem that I just cannot figure out. I have a windows application with a main form, on which a user control is added dynamically when a device connects trough USB. On a user control, there is a thread wich is getting data from the device trough USB and when it is finished...
  6. P

    call method in container control

    Hi, I've created a simple user control (uc_ok_cancel_apply) that includes OK, Cancel and Apply buttons. I want to use this on various user controls or forms so I can provide a consistent look. If I add this to a user control, I can call a public method by referencing the form via the 'my'...
  7. P

    Cannot place control on user control

    Hi all, I've created a user control that acts as a header for my forms onto which I can drop heading labels etc. This uses a custompanel control that inherits from panel and allows you to add curved corners, color gradients etc. I've used this in the past without any problem. I want to use my...
  8. P

    User control location

    I have a user control (that displays some basic information about some events) called AE. I have another user control called CTCAE containing a panel that I wish to populate with the AEs. Within each AE is a tablelayoutpanel control, and within each cell of this is a label. The labels are...
  9. A

    Create Database Connection String Builder like SQL Connect to Server interface

    Hi All, I am trying to build a user control that will do exactly what the SQL 2005 Connect to Server interface do, eventually create a connection string and store in a app.config file. It should allow user to select server type, server name, authentication, user name and password. It...
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