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  1. M

    Question file upload to database

    Hello All, I would like to know, if there is a solution for uploading files (probably it will be PowerPoint presentation, but my employees are alloved to put into the database whatever they want - connected with the process) to Access database via VB.net Windows Form. Previously I had a...
  2. G

    Question Uploading CSV to Sql Server Table

    Im new to this and Im creating a asp.net website that will allow you to upload a csv file with the following names and data types to a table called product_backlog which is on sql server: UserStoryID int UserStoryPriority int UserStory varchar(MAX) UserStoryEstimate varchar(50) ProjectName...
  3. D

    Question WEB Automation

    Need to be able to go to a website and upload file(s). I am using the code below to access the website and login, but when I get to the file upload part, I cannot communicate with the Browse for File control. I am using a WebBrowser control on a form and the DocumentCompleted event is working...
  4. driekwartappel

    Question UploadFileAsync : WebException was unhandled

    Hi On my windows application form I have these controls: ProgressBar1 (progressbar) lbl_message (label) btn_submit (button) btn_cancel (button) when the btn_submit is clicked, the progressbar is populated and a file is FTP'd to its destination. It is working fine, but sometimes when I...