1. C

    Question OleDbException was unhandled. No value given for one or more required parameters.

    Below is my log-in procedure coded in VB 2010 Express. I'm new to programming so this might be an easy solution for somebody. I've got this procedure in 3 forms, yet only 1 out of the 3 forms work. The code has been copy and pasted from the one form to the other, with the only change being the...
  2. cwnonthehill

    Preparing my app for ERROR

    Hey guys, I have completed work on my application, and during testing here in the office it occasionally will throw an Unhandled Exception error, mainly related to Crystal Reports which I know I can remedy by having CR installed on the end-user's PC. The one thing I find odd is that in those...
  3. M

    Unhandled exception popup

    My apologies up front if I am posting in the wrong forum ... I have a vb.net app that uses excel via ActiveX. If the user kills Excel instead of returning to the app and letting it do it, I get an unhandled exception popup for the exception RPC_E_DISCONNECTED when the app tries to close the...