1. SmokyRick

    Answered Create Database problem in SQL

    I am currently going through a tutorial book called Visual Basic and Databases by Philip Conrod and Lou Tylee. I am doing well with it and learning a lot from it. However, I have got to a point where I can not figure out what my computer is doing. I am trying to create a database using the...
  2. V

    XNA Tutorials

    Hello! Could anyone possibly link me to a good XNA Tutorial in vb.net? I looked up "vb.net xna tutorials" but all I could find was outdated or not-continued tutorials.... I have also looked at some amazon books but couldn't find any.. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated...
  3. T

    Visual Studio developers must share their work for everyone's benefit !

    Every one of us who develop games, applications , etc.. using Visual Studio, should share his work with others. Just like this guy is doing on his Visual Studio Applications blog here: http://VisualStudioApplications.blogspot.com He's not only showing his work, but also offering the code! his...
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