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    Question What's TreeHelper to Generate a Tree in a webForm?

    Hi, I follow this walkthrough to build a Tree from a List in NET (link) and I don't understand this line: IList<Category> topLevelCategories = TreeHelper.ConvertToForest(GetListFromDatabase()); I search on Web if there is a correspondence in VB.NET but I didn't find. If not, how can I...
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    Hello, I try to get order details from web services called feederapi using soap and api. ------------------------------ Dim list As feederAPI.Order() list = feeder.OrderSearch(cred, "#8/10/2013#", "#8/13/2015#", "", "", "", "", "", feederAPI.eOrderFilterShipping.None...
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    Question Looping audio files in tree view with windows media player COM

    I am attempting to play a set of audio files continuously using a tree view. I am having troubles looping through an array to play one song after another in the selected parent node. It seems to work if I only use one song in the array but it doesn't want to actually loop through and keep...
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    Question Spliting Dataset in 3 columns

    Hi I am using a web-service that is returning me result in form of a dataset. Now this dataset i am displaying in form of a Tree. the dataset results in arn 15 values which i want to display in 3 columns instead of one long list. Any Idea how to display in 3 columns??