1. SvobodaT

    Question Transparency for standard controls

    Hi, I am a VB beginner after 20 years of programming abstinence so please pardon my ignorance. I am making a very standard app - a Wiondows form with standard controls. I would like to make some of the controls (e.g. a TrackBar) semi-transparent or at least give them a background image. I have...
  2. T

    Image operations

    Hi, I have a few transparent .png images with same size and want to add or subtract them one of other and then put the image to picturebox. First picture: Second picture which contains white pixels (or it could be black pixels) which should be erased from first picture: The result should...
  3. M

    Question Winform app in Windows XP display issues, fine in Vista or 7

    I have a winforms app that I wrote on a Windows 7 box. It uses a double buffering for speed, gradient that it paints on the back of a tabpage, lots of DataGridView, and some rectangles (solid filed) for display. When the app runs on a Windows Vista or Windows 7 box it runs fine, but running on...
  4. M

    Question Visual Basic 2008 Setting image background color

    I am doing a project for my Computer Science class and need help on how to make a picture have a transparent background. As of right now, I am having the picture be stored as a Bitmap and setting the white color attribute of the bitmap to transparent; then drawing the bitmap. It works and...
  5. M

    Transparent Picture Box

    Hi to all, I need to display a arrow picture over another picture. But i cant able to make arrow picture transparent other than the arrow. Always it is in rectangle format(Picture box). I tried the picture box color to transparent, But that doesn't worked. A separate user control for displaying...
  6. J

    Question Transparent Flash in VB Web Browser

    Hello, I have a normal VB 2008 form with a WebBrowser control inside it (docked to fill the whole form). I have FormBorderStyle set to none and the TransparentKey is red. I then have this HTML code inside the WebBrowser that loads a Flash file, makes the background of the Flash object...
  7. X

    Question Overlay like xfire?

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, i want to control my Windows Media player from Inside fullscreen applications & games, xfire does this great, for communicating with friends, etc. but i want just a "skip backwards" and "skip forward" button...
  8. Guy Boyangu

    Using PrintDocument to print Alpha-Blended GDI+ Graphics

    Hi There, I've been trying to use the Graphics instance generated by the PrintDocument to render Alpha Blending graphical objects (i/e rectangle filled with Brush=100,255,0,0) - but without any luck, they all appear.... defected in a way, can't really point the finger on whats going on there...